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Here at InternalFamilySystems.Org we are dedicated to helping individuals learn about Internal Family Systems Therapy and how to use the IFS modality on yourself. We want to help empower you to become your own therapist, coach, and guide.

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This is the program that will change your life. Upon completion, you can expect a deep sense of self-understanding, self-love, and internal healing. You will learn the protocols of IFS therapy to develop a higher sense of self-awareness, and confidence, and leave with a roadmap on how to integrate past traumas by yourself.

What is IFS?

Internal Family Systems therapy, or IFS, is a therapy modality that believes that we all have an internal family system that is made up of different parts or subpersonalities. These parts or subpersonalities work together as a unit to help manage our lives. When we understand how this unit operates, we can help our parts work together to harmonize our entire internal family system. These parts speak to who we are, what we like, and what we’re afraid of– so we must understand how they each work.

In IFS, therapists and IFS-informed coaches will work with you directly to help understand these parts and how they’re interconnected. However, you can learn to have your own practice as well. IFS therapy can be practiced at home, by yourself, using self-therapy techniques and IFS tools. By exploring these unique parts and the beliefs that they hold, you can learn more about your mind and body to heal your internal system on your own time.

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